Assign Table to a Party with Ease and Start
Taking Orders Right Away.

Sadly, managing staff schedules and tracking labor cost
is no easy task.

Improve Services

Fast table management allows servers to spend less time at the POS and more with customers.

Streamline Operations

Managers can take iPads anywhere in the venue and still manage the floor.

Reduce Errors

Section assignment and table transfer approval reduce confusion mid-service.


Visual Table Layouts

Replicate your restaurant floor plan on your POS for increased efficiency.


Monitor Your Section

Identify slow-turning or high-value tables at a glance right from the floor plan.


Reservation & Waitlist

Ensure that your restaurant can be flexible to accommodate the busy schedule of your diners.

Manage reservations and waitlist seamlessly, even assign
specific seats in advance.


Timer Release Holds

During a rush, it can be a challenge to perfectly time out courses.

Simply enter the items, set a timer and walk away. When the timer ends, the items automatically fires to the kitchen.


BOGO Deals & Specials

iPos allows staff to ring in drinks individually. The second item automatically discounts.

Your guest happily sees that they received a discount and you’ll get an accurate count of drinks and sales driven from your 2-for-1 special.

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