Finally, the iPos all in one system
allows you to super charge your investment.

Customize to fit
your Businzess

iPos allows you to create workflows that helps you improve speed of sales, cash control and inventory issues that give you an advantage over your competitors.

Include Inbuilt

The iPos system comes integrated with all the tools that you need to run your business profitably that are easy to set up right out of the box. It's time to take your future into your own hands. With iPos, we will help you power ahead of your competition


Holiday with the family or going out of town is finally possible with iPos! By syncing to the cloud, you can get remote access to all the important details of your business as it happens and run your business from anywhere just as if you were at the office.

A Point of Sale that understands
the needs of your business.

Our mission is to help businesses succeed and improve overall profitability through cutting edge technology solutions.

State of the Art

A stationary device that can easily be converted to be portable device. Fulfilling your customer needs is a breeze with your iPos System.


iPos puts next generation functionalities that are perfectfor your business rights at your fingertips.

Cutting Edge Business

With a simple step by step set up process similar to your smart phone you can rest assured that you are utilizing just the right tools your business needs.

A Point of Sale that is Completely
Customizable Limitless Payments

Our mission is to help businesses succeed and improve overall profitability through cutting edge technology solutions.

Ability the take any type
of payment

Accept credit, debit, and gift cards as well as NFC and mobile payments

Simplify the process for
your customers

Offer close contact payment. Request more information or support quickly and easily

Added values like Pay

Automatically assign customer invoices to be paid overtime and send payment requests in just a few clicks

Grow your Customer Base
and Get to know their Needs

Our mission is to help businesses succeed and improve overall profitability through cutting edge technology solutions.

iEngage allows you to easily track order history,loyalty rewards, gift cards.

With iEngage you can send promotions and stay in touch with just a few clicks

iPos will Capture your customer details every time they swipe a card and create a user

With iEngage you can even have the opportunity to celebrate with all your customers during their birthdays with no effort

Oversee Your Team and Their
Schedule sales, tips, and refunds from Anywhere

Oversee Your Team
and Their

Manager, move, cancel, reallocate resources.

Oversee Your Team
and Their

Turn your computer, tablet,smart-phone, or POS into a sophisticated time clock. Our online timesheets make payroll a breeze.

Oversee Your Team
and Their

Build schedules in minutes and instantly share them with your team. Make last minute changes and know your team will always be up to date.

Oversee Your Team
and Their

Keep track of your team with our built-in messenger. Easily share instructions and messages with individuals, groups, or your whole team.

iPos features to
Supercharge Your Business

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Technology for small and medium-sized
businesses with big ambitions.

Comparing iPad POS systems for restaurants? You’re in the right place. We're a team with experience in the restaurant and retail industry and we've used that experience to build an iPad POS system that helps restaurateurs and retailers make more money, deliver a great customer experience, and take the guesswork out of making business decisions.

The iPos iPad point of sale was designed to make managing your business easier, so you can focus on why you opened your restaurant or retail location in the first place.