Caller ID System for Take-out or delivery

Ease with caller information

Receive the most extended waiting call

Analyze the reports to enhance telephone services

  • Organize and divide the incoming calls by date and time
  • provide ease to record the number of calls received, calls not answered, and customer hang-ups
  • Analyze the report to get an idea of the time required to answer calls
  • Graph the services changes in your business over time

Why use iPos systems for your Caller ID system?

  • User-friendly customer support for easy system installation
  • Facial recognition powered security features for utmost protection
  • Efficient employee management system at your fingertips
  • Enable remote access for the system
  • Enable delivery tracking system
  • Calculate efficiency and cut out delays
  • Manage inventory digitally without any hassle or delay
  • Simplify the payroll management for your delivery associates
  • Multiple modes of payment
  • Easy tracking of orders and services

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