May 08, 2020

Bringing Technology to Restaurant: POS Systems

Mobile and tablet compatibility allows business owners to view and monitor transaction data from any remote location.

Everything around the globe is evolving. Science and technology have a major role to play. At the same time, the fact remains that each of these transitions has made life better for all. If you look from a professional perspective, efficiency has increased to a great extent, thus increasing productivity at the same time. Take the example of the food industry itself, cuisines from across the globe are made available in non-indigenous restaurants as well. In fact, one can avail of the recipe with just a click and prepare at home itself. As for the back-end job, there have been several advancements being made. The shifts in guest preferences alongside the ongoing technological boom demanded from the restaurant community — an industry once dominated by pen and paper — to change into a paperless way of working. 

One such advancement in technology resulted in the origin of Restaurant POS. So, what is it?

Restaurant point of sale systems, or restaurant POS, allow restaurants to enhance their customer service by managing orders, payment, and promotions, all in one go. They also aid in the process of restaurant management by making reporting, stock, and labor control easier. And thus, restaurants not just saw an evolution in the cuisines but in the managerial aspect as well, which probably has been the tedious task in the industry. 

Here is a list of important restaurant technology that promises higher efficiency and greater productivity.  

Self-Order Kiosks

One of the recent trends in the food industry that has gained momentum is Self-Order Kiosks.

There are a number of reasons for the same. 

- Easy to use interface and top-notch digital experience has helped restaurants to meet customer’s expectation.

- More power to the diners. It enables the customers to take control of the ordering process, thus making it easy for them to review and customize their orders. 

- Most importantly, they help increase check size and order volume. This, coupled with shorter lines, help the team even with lesser staff to achieve higher productivity. 

All these have enabled kiosks to be liked by 53 percent of the guests for the guest experience it displays, according to the 2019 Restaurant Success Report. 

Kitchen Display Screens

Kitchen display screens or KDS are usually mounted on the wall or put on the counter stand. It displays to the kitchen staff the open orders, thus making it convenient for them. Besides, it receives orders in real-time, thus improving ordering speed and accuracy and thereby the guest experience.

Restaurant POS systems such as these have enabled the kitchen to stay organized and fulfill orders accurately and on time. Owing to the increasing rush faced by them, a printed ticket might not always be a feasible option. But with KDS, the burden gets reduced to an extent, while cutting down on the cost of paper involved as well. Thus, giving rise to an environmentally friendly option. 

Cash Drawer

Even with the various advancements in technology, standard cash drawers have still not lost momentum. However, speaking of POS, syncing it up with the cash drawer, can ensure for timely recording of all transactions. However, the security of the drawer still rests on the person and needs to be looked into on a timely basis. 

Touchscreen Point of Sale Terminals

These are again powered by restaurant POS with an easily understandable interface. This ensures smooth movement among staff and also keeps the new hires up to speed. Touch screen POS terminals ease the process of order taking and thus increases the revenue. Some also come with the ability to take cashless payments, which is integrated to the POS itself. 

Owing to the hectic environment, they are placed in, touch screen terminals come with durable hardware to meet the high paced demands of the restaurant. Many POS systems today, typically those used by quick-service restaurants, have guest-facing screens, which allow guests to follow along as they order, quickly pay, and tip on the screen. This improves order accuracy and speed so your team can keep the line moving.


As mentioned above, even though the idea is to go paperless, some restaurants still prefer paper tickets. Now in order to meet this demand, there are mainly two options available:

- Kitchen printer

Also, the ink/impact printer. They come with a loud printing process. This is mainly because owing to the busy environment, a new slip being printed might not catch the necessary attention if not for a loud printing noise. These come with the option of printing in various colors to meet the different requirements.  

- Thermal or receipt printers 

On the other hand, these printers print quietly and faster than the above-mentioned impact printers. All receipt printers are thermal printers, and so don’t use ink but rather use heat to create characters on thermally sensitive paper and hence the name. 

Handheld Point of Sale Systems

Lastly, handheld POS systems enable streamlining operations by allowing guests to order and pay right at the table. This goes a long way in managing the restaurant mainly by cutting down on the hassle created by mere ordering and later following up for payment. Handheld POS Systems allow for at-the-table ordering and payment. Servers can thus improve order speed and accuracy and turn tables faster. And customers end up spending less time waiting for their food and the bill. Handheld POS systems also increase the number of customers you can serve and the number of orders you can fulfill in a given time period.

Most importantly, as against running back and forth to the counter, these operational techniques let the staff enhance the guest experience by spending more time catering to them. 

Running a successful restaurant has a lot that goes into it. Technological advancements such as POS enable in this process. In order to meet the constantly changing preferences of guests, restaurateurs should continue to invest in new technologies to stay up-to-date or even ahead of industry trends. This way, they focus on two important things at the same time, namely, creating delicious food and memorable dining experiences.

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