May 08, 2020

What are the benefits of POS software for Restaurants?

Mobile and tablet compatibility allows business owners to view and monitor transaction data from any remote location.

This is the age of digitization, and every sector is reaping benefits from the same. Even the Restaurants are not lagging behind when it comes to adapting to the benefits of digitization. A basic requirement for every restaurant is the point of sales software. The software has become a necessity for restaurants as it not only helps in accepting orders and generating receipts for them but also possesses many other features.

In fact, in recent years, several advancements have been introduced in the restaurant POS software, which offers the restaurant owners many sophisticated features. This leads to the quick billing process and enhances the customer experience. As we can see that technology is being introduced in the restaurant business, it needs an integrated solution for managing various aspects from a single location.

Not many people are aware of the fact that a restaurant POS can function like a complete restaurant management system right from front end operations to optimizing the entire kitchen operations.

Let’s have a look at how restaurants can benefit from the best restaurant POS software:

Tight control on inventory

An important aspect of the restaurant business is the management of inventory. According to an analysis, major factors that lead to significant losses are wastage, pilferage, and restaurant thefts. It can be challenging to keep track of the inventory, especially when you have to manage several branches of the restaurant.

With the online restaurant software, you can reduce risk and errors associated with inventory management and streamline the kitchen operations. You must ensure that the POS software comes with an integrated inventory management system so that you can have tight control over your product stock. The software can automatically calculate stock consumed in a day, week, or month based on total orders placed. The POS will notify you about the current stock of the item. You will also get documentation of everything to prevent inventory theft.

Take orders online

Due to the food-tech revolution, many innovations have come through, and one such aspect is online ordering and payment system. It has been observed that most of the restaurants earn profit due to online ordering and food deliveries. Zomato, Uber eats, Swiggy, and Foodpanda are leading stakeholders in the present market space, and restaurants receive large orders via these platforms also.

Restaurants commonly receive orders from multiple platforms, and it can be challenging to update the orders in the POS from all platforms manually. However, with a smart software system, you can accept orders from all platforms, and they will automatically get updated without disrupting the flow of kitchen operations.

Also, if you have your own online ordering mobile app or website, you can customize it based on the restaurant’s theme, which will include a full menu display. When integrated with your CRM, it will allow collecting customer details like history, behavior, and contact information. This data can be used for marketing campaigns as well.

Manage several outlets from a single location

Every restaurant owner wishes to expand its business beyond geographical boundaries, and for that, you need a robust restaurant POS software system. It can help in business expansion along with managing the sales account of all the outlets.

You will receive complete account details of the sales report from each outlet. The software will also provide you a comparison of the sales reports of all the outlets, along with the details about available stock in each outlet. Thus, once you start receiving all information from every outlet in one place, your challenge of managing multiple outlets at once can be simplified, thanks to the automation and technology.

Real-time reporting system

It goes without saying that you can’t be present at every outlet at one time, but that doesn’t mean that you have to depend on the outlet managers for the sales reports every time. With the help of restaurant POS software, you get real-time data about the sales, which makes sure that you are always alert about the restaurant activities. Apart from that, you will also receive other benefits such as:

- You will be able to customize reports according to the requirements and can even view them graphically.

- When you have a cloud-based restaurant POS system, it will provide you with detailed accounts and reports of every process that is going on across all the outlets.

- You will receive the reports on your mobile phone.

Improve customer relationship management

As the owner of the restaurant, you need to build a strong customer relationship with your existing customers as well as new customers. A restaurant POS system can help in augmenting your customer relationship management. The restaurant POS can help in centrally managing the customer database. If you have multiple outlets, you can have a single database of customers and can classify customers as per their ordering history, geography, and behavior.

You can begin the loyalty programs as a way of improving your customer retention rate. You can target your customers in a better way by integrating loyalty programs with CRM. It will also help in improving your customer base. When you have all the details of your customers, you can send customized emails and SMS informing them about new offers, discounts, events, and other exciting things happening at your restaurants, such as food fests in specific seasons or festivals.

Every restaurant must keep in mind that they need to install and use the restaurant POS that meets your needs. Not just that, the software must come with new features and regular updates. This will make sure that you are always up-to-date with new POS trends and not running behind competitors.

The restaurant software by iPointOfSale can help in making your daily restaurant activities seamless as well as flawless. You will yourself witness how it will reduce your dependence on manual labor. You can rest assured that every process is being taken care of by the software, and things can’t go wrong in your restaurant.

If you wish to explore more about our software, connect with our team for information on restaurant pos systems cost and benefits.

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